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Think Big...

We are a team of THINKERS, DREAMERS and DOERS helping entrepreneurs and startups to choose the right technology to commercialize their vision!



We write software, craft strategies, and give expert advice

CTO as a Service

We provide C-level technology, strategy and consulting services in 3 different areas: Forming concepts, Building POC and deliver MVPs. Tap into our technical expertise and bring your boldest business ideas to life!

Data, AI and ML Services

We have created a small but effective data lab to experiment with customizable AI and ML solutions by offering the algorithm-as-a-service solution for a variety of businesses, such as Object Detection, Face Detection, Instant Motion Tracking, Face Mesh and much more.

POC and MVP as a Service

We are providing end-to-end solution to defined and refined your ideas and take it to market. Our team of UX designers and software engineers can productize your vision, from detailed design to coding and testing.

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Who we are and What we do

DigitSign was created by entrepreneurs who understand the needs of digital transformation, who have faced similar challenges, and who have significant knowledge and experience in how to address technology needs of new data driven business.

We are founding partners in a number of promising startup in the past 10 yeras by leading high level product and engineering strategy.

We help startups and growing SMEs achieve technical diligence through flexible CTO as a Service engagement models by truning pre-seed to to multi-million ventures.

At Work

What we are working on

We are currently working with some fantastic partners and clients on a number of exciting projects


ELCIES is one of key project we are working on since 2018. ELCIES is a B2B SaaS solution that automates 3 key sources for personalized and automated fitness platforms: Wearable data, real-time pose analytic and Workout Engine.


We are offering customizable ML solutions and scripts for live and streaming media via MediaPipe's open-source platform. It ranges from Face Mesh, Face Detection, to  Holistic Pose and Object Detection services.



Let’s Work Together

Peter Ln, York YO1 8SU

Tel: 07964569770

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