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Our Work

We are currently working with some fantastic partners and clients on several exciting projects.

ELCIES is one of key project we are working on since 2018. ELCIES is a B2B SaaS solution that automates 3 key sources for personalized and automated fitness platforms: Wearable data, real-time pose analytic and Workout Algorithm.

ELCIES Algorithm is pre-trained on:

  • Biomechanics metadata

  • Injury metadata

  • Recovery metadata

Startup investment algorithm

At PISO Lab, we're pioneering the future of startup investment with EquiVest, our innovative algorithm designed to eliminate bias and ensure 100% unbiased, emotion-free investment decisions.


EquiVest leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning to identify high-potential startups, maximizing returns and delivering a consistent 3x return on invested capital.


Trust in EquiVest to make data-driven investment decisions that are free from human error and emotional influence, ensuring your capital is placed with the best opportunities for growth and success.

home keys


SPITIFi is Redefining Mortgage Ownership in the Digital Age.

SpitiFi is a FinTech venture transcending traditional mortgage models.

We invest in tangible assets, purchasing properties outright and offering them to individuals seeking to live there and pay off a mortgage. 

Their vision ensures that a secure home is more than just a dream; it's a practical and stable investment!

Personalized Nutrition

We are thrilled to share our latest collaboration with an innovative personalized nutrition platform!

This groundbreaking startup is set to revolutionize food recommendations through a highly intelligent algorithm that processes over 100 key micro and macronutrients.

Our team is dedicated to creating cutting-edge, user-friendly platforms that deliver tailored nutritional advice, helping individuals achieve their health goals with precision and ease.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in personalized nutrition and algorithm development!

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